F1 photos by
Stéphane Samson

Photos of formula 1 (by Stéphane Samson)

  • Romain Grojean leaving the garage.
  • Un smiling Kimi.
  • Turn-One, sponsor of Romain...
    On his way to the GP2 series title.
  • T1, sponsor of A1 Team Franc...
    And designer of the car livery.
  • End of season family shot.
  • Nicolas Prost wearing T1's colors?.
  • Getting in the zone.
  • T1, sponsor of Davide Valsecchi
    on his way to his GP2 series title.
  • The helmets you'll never see racing.
  • Tried to be amusing.
    Probably failed !
  • Mega activation !
  • T1, sponsor of DAMS for several seasons in GP2 series.
  • Youngest Japanese fan ?

Photos of Stéphane Samson

  • T1, always on the F1 grid.
  • Stéphane Samson, owner and founder of T1.

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From journalist to responsable of communication for the Lotus 1 stable, Stéphane Samson is in the Formula 1 environment since many years.

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